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Elortech, LLC is a high-tech company, located in Moscow, Russia and specializing in chemical synthesis, research & development, preparation of technical documentation and chemical industry support.

Founded on the base of D.Mendeleev University, Elortech, LLC is a result of many-years knowledge and experience in the field of polymers.

Along with the preparation of standard polymer compounds and materials, professionals from Elortech company specialize in the development of special products, including organometallic compounds: phosphazenes and siloxanes.

We constantly expand our product list and strive to improve the quality of our services. All this allows us to offer you a wide range of products and procedures at the best price.

At Elortech we think about every aspect of your business
Elortech LLC Official Info

Company Name: Elortech Limited Liability Company

Country: Russia

Address: room 1, prospekt Mira, 118, Moscow, 129164

Primary State Registration Number: 1177746645823

Individual Taxpayer Number: 9717062166

Industrial Enterprises Classifier: 771701001

Beneficiary Bank: AO Raiffeisenbank, Moscow, Russia

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT code: RZBMRUMM

Beneficiary account № (RUR): 40702810100000045074

Beneficiary account № (EUR): 40702978200000006389